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LT ry offers diverse workshop activities for people in different situations in their lives. One option for the youth, for example, is the "Geek Shop", which allows them experiment and work with computers in variety of different areas.

"Geek Shop"

The Geek Shop makes it possible to try work or work in different jobs in the information technology field. The testing and assembling of computers and their peripherals is the basis of it all. A computer that has been set up reliably is comfortable to use.

Sometimes the strange new and old devices may baffle even an experienced lover of technolgy. The rattling of the old Amiga computers brings back some golden memories, and the new appliancens give a glance into the future.

Real Work

What are you good at or dreaming about? Have you learned a profession or do you feel like you could try something new to decide if you would like to learn a new trade?

Regardless of the situation you are in your life, we help you to experience and learn working life. Interesting jobs will rhythm your days, after all, the leading thought of Lt ry is to preserve the nature and work! The organization operates in the field of recycling and has employed hundreds of people in different ways over the years.

If you have been unemployed for quite some time and this woke up your interest, make an appointment for an interview as soon as possible.